Natural Stones

Air Line

The Air line offers a precise selection of exotic stones that combine the beauty and durability of nature, ideal for embellishing and covering walls and facades, giving life to unique and sophisticated spaces.
We recognize the importance of creating visually striking environments, whether for rustic, warm and classic designs, or for modern, minimalist and avant-garde proposals. We have the perfect stones to achieve this.

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Aqua Line

The Aqua line is perfect for swimming pools and wet areas. Our variety of natural stones, including Green Sukabumi and Lava Stone Black, provide a sleek, high-quality look, as well as key benefits for your pool, such as regulating temperature and filtering water naturally. The attractive style of Sukabumi stones in green tones is very popular all over the world, especially in hotels and luxurious homes, to beautify pool areas, liners, bathrooms, and more.

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Travertine Line

Travertine is a sedimentary limestone that forms from the precipitation of minerals dissolved in hot springs. Its unique beauty lies in its earthy hues and attractive veins, which bring a natural and elegant aesthetic to any space.

Whether you want to transform your walls into works of art or create sophisticated atmospheres in your home or office, travertine is the perfect choice. Its applications are endless, from clad facades to give them a majestic look to embellishing interior floors with a touch of distinction. In addition, thanks to its strength and durability, it is ideal for high-traffic areas, such as outdoor terraces and patios

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