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We are the only representatives and distributors of this brand in the region.

This technological wood, originally from Norway, has been transformedthrough sustainable processes and bioengineering to offer a one-of-a-kindproduct: solid, durable and with a 100% guaranteed long service life.

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Derived from forests certified by FSC®, our Kebony® Clear decking is specially engineered to withstand the most challenging environmental conditions.

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Combining sustainability with enduring quality, Kebony cladding stands out for its exceptional beauty, durability, and eco-friendly attributes.

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Why Kebony®

1. Sustainability: Kebony® is a symbol of environmental commitment. Created from softwoods, its sustainable production process minimizes the impact on natural resources, offering a planet-friendly option.

2. Stability: Thanks to its innovative technology, Kebony® provides exceptional stability. This processed wood resists the climatic variations and humidity changes typical of the region's tropics.

3. Durability: With guaranteed longevity, Kebony® becomes a long-term investment. Its natural resistance to degradation and its ability to cope with the most demanding conditions ensure that your projects will remain in optimal condition.

4. Hardness: Kebony® is not only durable, but also thanks to the technology and bioengineering processes to which it is subjected, it becomes remarkably hard wood. This makes it suitable for a wide variety of outdoor and indoor applications.

5. Maintenance-free: Forget about constant maintenance worries. Kebony® is presented as a low-maintenance solution, allowing you to enjoy its natural beauty without extra effort.

6. Respect for the environment: Kebony® is not only environmentally friendly due to its sustainable production process, but also integrates perfectly into natural and urban environments, enriching the space with its natural aesthetics.

7. Patented Process: The technology behind Kebony® is patented and unique. This ensures that you are acquiring an exclusive product that not only meets high quality standards, but also stands out as a cutting-edge option in the construction world.

8. Natural beauty: Kebony® technology gives wood a deep brown color that blends harmoniously with natural surroundings. The passage of time and exposure to the sun and rain will add to its splendor a silver-gray coloration, enhancing its beauty.  This wood comes in two different finishes. The first, "Character", reflects all the natural essence with a rustic finish and pronounced grains, enhancing the most outstanding qualities of the wood. On the other hand, the "Clear" finish offers a more polished and smoothed design.

9. Exclusivity and luxury: Each piece of Kebony® is an investment in quality and durability that transforms projects into exceptional spaces with a touch of unique elegance, that is, into timeless masterpieces. Kebony® is access to a universe of exclusivity that turns projects into incomparable luxury experiences.

10. Warranty and Lifespan: Kebony® offers a remarkable lifespan ranging from 70 to 100 years, backed by a solid 30-year warranty which ensures that the wood will not be damaged by decay caused by soft rot fungi or fungi that destroy it, thus ensuring that Kebony® products maintain their intended performance.